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About UsLeading Cold Room Panel Manufacturer in Malaysia

Incorporated in 1992, Chong Brothers specialises in manufacturing polyurethane panel and refrigeration equipment. With more than 2 decades of experience in the industry nationwide, our services are guaranteed safe and of high quality.

At Chong Brothers, we adhere to strict regulations in our quality control procedures to satisfy our customers’ requirements while meeting the ever-changing technology advancements. The main business activities of our company comprise of consultancy, design, supply, installation, manufacturing and service maintenance. We are also fully supported by our own refrigeration system team and expertise. We will continue using cutting-edge technology and upgrade our skills to contribute to the products and services our customers truly desire.

cold storage manufacturer

Prefabricated polyurethane panel & installation of various type of refrigeration equipment

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  • Efficient
  • Superior


Panels are custom made to meet customer requirements by using rigid polyurethane foam and bonded with either:

  • – Colourbond (Galvanized Iron)
  • – Stainless Steel

and to choose either Flat surface panel or Vertical surface panel. Thickness of panels are also varied to meet customer’s requirement and specification.

Panels are design by “Semi Cam-Lock” joining system with tongue and groove.

Expertise in Polyurethane Panel & Refrigeration Equipment for:

• Chiller Room
• Freezer Room
• Production Plant
• Clean Room
• Warehouse



We vow to offer high quality services at the most competitive prices for every project which prompts our pursuit of leading technologies. Our devoted team is determined to provide solutions for every problem brought up and meet the customers’ critical requirements.

1.1 Categories of Cleanroom Design:
i. Industrial Cleanrooms
ii. GMP Cleanroom
iii. Cleanroom Equipment & Accessories
iv. Cleanroom Construction
v. Biotech & Pharmaceutical Cleanrooms

1.2 Categories of Projects
i. Semiconductor and Microelectronics
ii. Data Storage
iii. Pharmaceutical
iv. Medical Devices Manufacturing
v. Biotechnology
vi. Healthcare
vii. Optical and Precision Product Manufacturing
viii. Glove Processing and Packaging
ix. Food and Beverage
x. Universities and R&D Facilities
xi. Laundry Facility
xii. Other Industries

Doors & Accessories

Local Sliding Door
Swing Door
Hanging Profile

Refrigeration System

Refrigeration has had a large impact on industries, lifestyles, agricultures and settlement patterns. Our refrigeration system is installed according to the suitable environments & to ensure that it meets our customers satisfactory.

Refrigeration System  Refrigeration SystemRefrigeration System  Refrigeration System


Chong Brothers is a polyurethane panel manufacturer.

The main business activities of the company is to provide:

  • Consultancy
  • Design
  • Manufacturing
  • Supply
  • Installation
  • Service Maintenance

We are also fully backed up by own refrigeration system team force.

Our products can be apply to either in cold storage (chiller/freezer), ware house, clean rooms, portable room, production room, food processing room, controlled atmosphere room, pharmaceutical storage room, etc.

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